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How To Fix..?
Samba: The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file

24-MBR (Master boot record)

23- Why root directory is always stored in inode number two ?
Why inode number 0 and 1 are not used?

22- How to fixed initramfs error in ubuntu 12.04:

21-How to Solved Grub rescue Error:

20-What Does IP Address Mean ??

19- Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Release Candidate Now Available
"Just in time for Red Hat Summit 2014 in San Francisco this week, a release candidate for RHEL 7 has been released. The next version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux controls after the beta version in December 2013 to now on a stable release."

18- Cool. NASA is using Red Hat Enterprise Linux to launch (Launch Control Center, Firing Room 1) missions into deep space. Full pics via reddit thread.

16- What is trailing Plus indicates in drwxr-xr-x+ in Linux permissions ?

15- What is the meaning of trailing dot in drwxr-xr-x Linux file permissions?
14-  How to create admin user in linux...

13- How to monitor power usage in Linux
12-  Manage IT Assets

11- Offline Tutorial

10-  How to fix any computer..?

9- Using Synergy to Share a Mouse and Keyboard between multiple computers
8-  Check Last Installation

7- Linux Log messages
6- Apache Web server status codes and error codes
5-  Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS Protocol

4- # ifconfig eth0
The output is show below, with explanation

3- RPM Package Details
2- Force Users To Change Their Passwords Upon First Login in linux

1- How To Run Google Chrome As Root In LInux

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