Configure iRedMail Server In RHEL..& CentOS...

iRedMail is a full featured open source mail server solution. We can deploy mail server in less than fifteen minutes for our organization. If you have fast internet connection, then you can deploy it under 2 minutes. In this how-to let us learn how to install and configure mail server using iRedMail. Its damn pretty easy to install and configure. Its a great time saving solution for system admins.

Step-1 Set Static IP-
[root@server ashutosh]# vim /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
Step-2 Change Hostname..
[root@server ashutosh]# vim /etc/sysconfig/network

[root@server ashutosh]# vim /etc/hosts         server

Step-3 Download the latest version of iRedMail

[root@server ashutosh]# mkdir /var/mail
[root@server ashutosh]# cd /var/mail
[root@server mail]# wget

Step-4 Extract the iRedMail package.
[root@server mail]# tar jxvf iRedMail-0.8.6.tar.bz2  
Step- 5 Now goto iRedMail directory and begin installation.

[root@server mail]# cd iRedMail-0.8.4/

[root@server mail]# ./

1- the welcome page should appear.

2- Specify location to store all mailboxs. Default is /var/vmail.

3- In this case i choose LDAP as my backend to store mail accounts.
4- Enter your LDAP credentials.

5-Enter the the LDAP rootdn password. Blank passwords are not recommended.

6- Enter MySQL Administrator Password.

7- Enter the virtual domain for your mail server.

8- Enter the Administrator password for your mail server.

9- Select the optional components and press next.

10- Now the installer will begin to download and install the necessary packages. Type y to begin the installation. It will take a while depending upon your internet speed.

11- After few minutes, installer will ask to update firewall rules. Press y and enter to accept.

After installation completed, reboot your system.
Please note down the administration username and password. The default administration username is “” and password is the one which you have given at the installation time.
Step-5 You can administrate iRedMail with a cool web interface. You can access the iRedMail web administration using url “”. And you can access the webmail using url “”.
Point your web browser with “” and enter the administration username and password.

The admin console will look like below. From here you can add additional domain, admin accounts and user accounts as well.

Step- 6 User Creation

Login to your iRedAdmin console and click Add->User.

Enter the user details such as mail address, password and display name etc., and click Add.
Enter the user details such as mail address, password and display name etc., and click Add.

Add the required no of users for your organization. You can create unlimited no of users.

Step-7 Access your mail by pointing out the browser with “”. Enter user details and login.

I hope you like it.
So Enjoy............................!

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